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Interior design and decoration ideas

Home owners have to finalize roof designs during construction of the house. Many varieties are available in the market and you need to check with the builder if it can be incorporated in your home. Here are some roof design suggestions that would be perfect for Indian farmhouse and would be able to withstand climatic changes for a few decades with minimal maintenance.

Flat roof

This type of roof is ideal for farmhouses with a terraces. It is ideally made of concrete for setting up a garden or relaxing on it during hot summer nights. Flat roofs are gently sloping towards the edge for easy drainage of water during rainy season and are provided with boundary wall at the edges for protection. While flat roofs were traditionally made of corrugated iron and asbestos, at present they are made with Kraton polymer and concrete for better insulation.

Saddle roof

This kind of roof design has the appearance of a half open book lying downwards with both sides extending beyond the exterior walls of the house. This roof has a sharp angle and can be made with clay, bitumen or wooden tiles for easy drainage of rain water. This design is popular across the world and each society has adapted it to suit their aesthetic sense like Japanese Karahafu or gabled roof with eaves in Thailand and other parts of Asia and Europe.

Rainbow and barrel roof

These roof designs like their namesake are in semicircular arch shape which gives a quirky and quaint appearance to house. Though they are more suited to rectangular buildings like sheds and storage these roofs give a cozy appearance to a home and would look perfect in a farmhouse. Due to the semi-circular shape the best materials for these roofs would be steel or ACC sheets depending on the size of the roof.

Conical roof

Though this design is more popular in Europe its importance is growing around the world for its whimsical shape and is popular in amusement parks and museums for children. These roofs require strong base of timber packers above which wood, clay or stone slates can be nailed in to keep them in place.

Skylights on the roof

If you have a fascination with open sky and twinkling stars with clouds drifting on the horizon then a skylight would be the perfect attachment to set up on your roof. A skylight also provides excellent ventilation and brings in natural light into the house so you can avoid switching on lights during daytime. Care should be taken to provide proper insulation around the skylight and install it in that section of the roof where water drains away easily to avoid chances of leakage. There are various types of skylights available in the market that can be suggested by an accomplished roofer to suit the size of your roof.

Did you just renovated your roof? Would you build one again? Let us know any of your tips and tricks on how to choose your own roof in a budget.

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