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Modern Style House Design Ideas

When we start to build or decorate a house, we want to make sure that the house has all the elements of modern design and style. Modern homes doesn?t rely on traditional layouts, materials and colour schemes but tend to be simple, acting as blank canvas where the inhabitants can express their individuality via furniture, accessories and decorative elements.

The earlier perception about modern housing was the use a lot of glass while keeping everything else simple. Today, modern houses are defined by a balance of creativity, simplicity and looking good while being functional at the same time.

How do I design a modern house?

When designing a modern house, you need to think about every room to achieve the perfect finishing. The key words to keep in mind while designing a modern home are elegance, harmony and utility. For example, lighting is a crucial factor in a modern home. They tend to allow plenty of natural light to filter into the rooms, instead of relying on artificial lighting. Making the available space seem welcoming and bright is a characteristic feature of modern homes. Hence colour is an important factor too. You might want to avoid extensive use of dark colours, although a dash of colour can work well. Most modern houses feature a lot of glass, steel and concrete. Open floor plans is another hallmark of this style. As space is a vital factor, avoiding clutter makes every room functional and keep lines of movement throughout the home clear.

Which home decor items should I choose?

There are many ways to make your home look modern without making significant moderations. The following elements can help you do so.

Curtains: Replace your old curtains with new, fresh fabrics will give your home a modern look .

Plants: Plants can improve the mood, has health benefits besides lifting the decor of your home.

Accessories and DIY: It ranges from artwork, wall decoration, recycling products or any other ideas you pick up from the internet.

What should I consider while building a modern house?

If you want to start building a modern house from the beginning, you will be able to create the perfect combination of rooms, windows and outdoor spaces. For the exterior of a modern house, keep things clear and simple and avoid using features such as gables or Tudor-style cross beams. Blocks of well chosen colour will create a clear, appealing look for outside walls irrespective of are brick or concrete. Many modern designs also use metal and glass for the entire wall. While designing the interiors, stay away from complex designs and keep the initial design nice and clear with room for experimentation later. Choose basic colour schemes which can be constantly changed to suit your developing tastes.

What does a modern house cost?

A modern house, when they designed intelligently, and with proper planning won?t cost a fortune. You can save a lot on construction costs and with the right expertise, the house can be made energy efficient and costs can be cut down drastically in the long run. Also efficient use of space and modern design prevents space wastage. Instead of paying for unnecessary features, a modern home focuses on useful functionality. Therefore even if you build a modern house from scratch and the costs are higher, ROI will be much higher in the long run.

What are some of the popular modern house styles?

Scandinavian houses: If you like modern houses, then a Scandinavian style house may well appeal as well. In this style, timber takes centre stage, with wood being used across the house to create rich, organic textures. Simple white colour schemes are a hallmark, while ornamentation is kept to a minimum.

Eclectic houses: Eclectic houses can be whatever you want them to be. Combine modern exteriors with rustic features such as roof beams on the inside, or try out mixtures of colours that throw the textbook away. If you choose the eclectic route, take care not to be too creative. It?s still vital to keep the final design harmonious.

Industrial houses: An industrial style house might seem strange, but you can if a house is a machine for living then why not bring some of the architecture of the factory to the home? Use of features like exposed brick, steel beams and girders and stripped down platforms to make the most of space can add an elegance to any home.

Rustic houses: A rustic style house is in some ways the opposite of a classic modern house, with its use of features like large fireplaces, broad oak beams, rich colours and high ceilings. This is the style for those who need a cosy, traditional home. However, it is possible to include rustic elements in a modern house, and vice versa.

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